G4 Counselling Ministry
G4 is a lay-led, group-based counseling ministry that is built around two nine-step models of change. G4 provides a context for participants to invest a season of their life overcoming a life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering. With the support of their fellow group members, G4 participants work through a biblically based curriculum focused on their primary life struggle.
The groups will meet every Monday here, at Lookout Valley Baptist Church.


G is for gospel-centered groups. Rather than making an issue, struggle, or sin the centerpiece of our groups, we strive to make the gospel of Christ the core of all our groups. Our identity is not found in an issue but in an individual — the person of Christ.

4 designates the four categories of groups offered:

  • Recovery: Groups for those struggling with a life-dominating sin, addiction, or traumatic life event.
  • Support: Groups for those needing encouragement and support during a period of suffering or hardship.
  • Therapeutic educational: Groups for those needing information and/or resources about a specific life issue.
  • Process: Groups for those needing help processing problematic emotions or multiple life stressors.